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Fabulousfiction 《Dual Cultivation》 – Chapter 713 – Restoring the Celestial Pond company reward quote-p2
Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 713 – Restoring the Celestial Pond absorbed lewd
“Sure.” Su Yang immediately nodded.
“What the…?” Lord Xie as well as the others witnessed with wide view when the burnt remedies suddenly turned into a thing entirely distinct!
However, Xie Xingfang lowered her go slightly to cover the redness and smile on her facial area. Even Liu Lanzhi plus the other two disciples couldn’t believe their ears and stood there which has a dazed concept with their faces.
“What on earth…?” Lord Xie stared within the pitch-dark pond which has a dazed concept on his face.
“What the…?” Lord Xie plus the others witnessed with extensive sight as the burned drugs suddenly converted into one thing entirely diverse!
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“What on earth…?” Lord Xie stared on the pitch-dark-colored pond with a dazed phrase on his confront.
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“You… huh?” Lord Xie still presented a dumbfounded term on his facial area similar to a dumb fowl, because he was can not know the scenario.
One time all the burned medication made gold, Su Yang retrieved another jar of water and poured it into the wonderful treatments.
“What sort of h.e.l.l could this be likely to regain the Celestial Pond?!”
He then transformed to view Xie Xingfang and spoke, “Xing’er, occur over here.”
“Just what the besides? This is exactly why he needed those materials? For the Celestial Pond?” Lord Xie watched with large vision as Su Yang loaded the tiny pond to your brim with plenty of medication and herbal plants to last for countless years.
“What on earth…?” Lord Xie stared with the pitch-black colored pond which has a dazed phrase on his experience.
“You desire me to get rid of anything? Like until it transforms to ashes?”
“Heavens! The Celestial Pond is renovated!” Xie w.a.n.g cried out loud when he sensed the effective religious energy giving off from your wonderful h2o. Actually, water senses a lot more deluxe than usually!
And ability to hear Lord Xie’s question, a smile showed up on Su Yang’s experience as he slowly raised his left arm and aimed towards Xie Xingfang’s route.
“Just what the heck? This is exactly why he wished those materials? For any Celestial Pond?” Lord Xie viewed with wide eyeballs as Su Yang filled up the small pond for the brim with plenty of remedies and plants to final for years.
Su Yang then packaged his left arm around Xie Xingfang’s shoulder before maintaining that has a smirk on his deal with, “Xing’er, your father has suddenly lost a bet with me, so I’ll be using you for compensation, and you’ll be my girl from now on.”
“Su Yang, you can actually end teasing my dad now,” Xie Xingfang believed to him when stuff were starting to escape manage.
“W-What?” Lord Xie changed to see Xie Xingfang by using a dumbfounded gaze. He was staying teased?
“Unreasonable!” Lord Xie shouted in an angry sound a second after, building ripples during the Celestial Pond.
“Just shut up to get a minute and see won’t you?” Su Yang shook his top of your head before going back to the Celestial Pond that is definitely now stuffed with burnt treatment and herbal remedies.
Even Xie w.a.n.g was no various while he stared at Su Yang in reference to his eye and oral cavity as huge as saucers.
“What the…?” Lord Xie plus the other folks witnessed with wide eyeballs because the burned drugs suddenly transformed into some thing entirely several!
“What the…?” Lord Xie as well as the some others watched with huge eyes as being the burnt treatment suddenly become one thing entirely different!
“What exactly are you irritated about? You lost a guess, so when predetermined, I’ll be taking your most treasured jewel, and that is your child, Xing’er. Or can you return back with your words and phrases, huh?” Su Yang shook his head.
Some times after, Lord Xie positioned the wonderful h2o into the pond before converting to see Su Yang with a perplexed manifestation on his experience.
“You… you…!” Lord Xie aimed at him along with his entire body trembling from rage. “You tricked me, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”
When everything was inside pond, Su Yang turned to check out Zhu Mengyi and said, “Go on and use your Alchemy Fire of burning all things in on this page.”
“Just closed up for a second and view won’t you?” Su Yang shook his head before returning to the Celestial Pond that is certainly now stuffed with burnt medicine and plants.

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